For BPH Symptoms Consider UroliftBPH symptoms can now be relieved with a new and elegant treatment. IT has recently been approved by the FDA in the USA, by NICE in the UK and is also available in other countries.

This minimally invasive technique works by holding the lateral lobes of the prostate apart with small implants, making more space for the free flow of urine. It is called Urolift. (Video and more content follows…)

We understand that there may be limitations in using this technique where the prostate is large or / and where there is a median lobe.

Who is the Urolift patient? (Ref:  Texas Urolift)

1.Men Unhappy with BPH Drugs Who…

  • Want to avoid turp surgery for enlarged prostate
  • Are seeking a less invasive solution
  • Want to avoid sexual side-effects
  • Want to get away from a lifetime on pills

2. Candidates for TURP or Laser Who…

  • Want to preserve sexual function
  • Are concerned about complications
  • Want a more rapid return to daily life
  • Have no prostate medial lobe


For more detailed information see Urolift Australia or Urolift USA

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