Barry is thankful for Prostate Cancer Survival. Here is his story:

It began for mPsalm 91v2e with going for a routine blood test about a year ago. This showed my PSA level to be somewhat high at 13.6. I was advised to have a biopsy, the results of which showed that of the nine samples taken three had cancer growths. The Gleason score was 8 out of 10, which is somewhat aggressive. This was quite a shock to my wife and me.

I don’t use Facebook very much but I put the results of the diagnosis up in order for my friends to pray. Folks in my church were also praying. I was amazed at how many people prayed for me…and still do! I’m sure this was the key to the success of the treatment. God is good!

I began the 37 radiation treatments in April 2014 at Auckland hospital; they were every week day spread over 7 weeks. I found the hospital staff to be very professional and caring—I was impressed. The treatment was painless, and after a while was quite routine. The main challenge was to arrive for treatment with an empty bowel and a full bladder. But I got the hang of it after a week or so.

In July, six weeks after the treatment finished I had a further blood test. This time my PSA level had dropped to 6.5 and the oncologist was very pleased. I had another blood test last month in December and the PSA level had dropped again to 2.1. The oncologist wants me to have another blood test in three months time and he’s expecting the PSA level to drop still further.

Throughout the whole treatment I have had a Psalm 91 experience! “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty”. His covering hand has been very real. Verse two has been my regular declaration before the Lord: “My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”

Inflammation of my bladder and bowman was a bit painful for a few days, but other than that I have had very few side effects. In fact, most of the time I felt somewhat of a fraud—I was supposed to have a serious illness and yet most of the time I felt fine. God is good!


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