Cannabis can cure prostate cancer according to Dusty Frank. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in October 2013 according to his story.  He says he did lots of research and then took the huge risk of going with an alternative treatment.  He used cannabis oil and has provided medical records of the results.  Dusty claims cannabis has cured his prostate cancer as well as a range of other benefits.

For obvious reasons the subject of marijuana is very controversial. Generally there are three views:

– those who are totally opposed to cannabis in all of its forms.

– those who are totally in favor of decriminalization

– those who are only in favor of properly tested and controlled medical usage


Although Dusty’s story is convincing, it is of course only anecdotal and there is not any double blind trials to support his views.  (or do you know of one? If so please comment below.) I am sure many researches would argue that there could be a range of reasons why Dusty’s cancer disappeared, but his story is nevertheless interesting.

So can cannabis cure prostate cancer?

Do you have experience using marijuana as a treatment for prostate cancer or other prostate problems?



Interestingly the video by Dusty Frank on YouTube seems to have been removed as well as from   A site search does not even have his name on it.   Is there anyone who can tell us more??

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