PSA Test Results Stan's Story 1My PSA test results had me worried.  They were higher than recommended for my age. This led to my first biopsy later the same year and I was happy that there were no signs of cancer. But PSA levels continued to rise until they were over 10 a few years later. This led to another biopsy and this time a very thorough one. Again the results were negative for cancer. The elevated PSA was thought to perhaps be the result of recurrent prostatitis. The prostate itself did not seem to be particularly enlarged although I was having difficulties passing urine. I was prescribed 2mg Hytrin (terazosin) which helped somewhat. This was soon increased to 5mg.

My prostate history includes lots of pillsTen years after my first biopsy my PSA level was over 20. Doctors were concerned and friends who were worried at their psa being 6 or so, felt they were a lot better off.  It was then found from a DRE and then a prostate ultrasound, that I now had an enlarged prostate.   I was prescribed Finasteride to reduce prostate size as well as lower PSA.

The good news is that the Finasteride halved my psa and reduced the prostate size. Although Finasteride did what it was supposed to, the bad news was that the side effects of dizziness and breast tenderness were not to my liking.  A couple of years later it was time for yet another prostate biopsy, which again showed no cancer. A few years later my PSA sits around 25 and a prostate ultrasound and new biopsy are scheduled.

What does this all mean? My prostate history is perhaps not a standard one. I am not too keen on yet another biopsy and concerned that the prostate itself might end up damaged from all this testing. Is it also possible that if there is cancer, a biopsy will help it to spread? And yet can I take the risk of not having another one?

In the meantime, I was coping with the challenge of frequent, urgent or sometimes difficult urination. Visits to the bathroom were sometimes six times per night.  I tried Tamsulosin for a month or so, but for me it had side effects of dizziness and light nausea,  so I went back to 5mg of Terazosin at night.

For me, the Terazosin has been successful and now on average I am up 1-2 times per night.  There is another biopsy scheduled with ultrasound so we will let you know how that works out.

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