Stan's Story 4 buttonProstate biopsy results were due from my  TURP operation  and I had an appointment with the urologist. The most important point of this was to get the results of the histology, that is, the testing of the tissue samples from the TURP. I had also been asked to have a psa test taken a week before the appointment.

Thankfully, the tissues from the prostate showed no cancer or even precancer cells.The urologist was very pleased with the results.

I was told that it had all gone well and very happy to let me know that my psa which had been around 25 before the operation, was now around the margin of error at 0.4.

I can’t say that I was wandering around under great stress expecting that I would be diagnosed with prostate cancer, but it is always in the background. Those of you who have been waiting for prostate biopsy results will know just what it is like.

It was suggested that I have psa checks annually from now on as a precaution, but they weren’t expecting problems. The specialists were clearly also very pleased at the prostate biopsy results as well as the psa results, and I was told to just go and have a good life. As I walked out of the clinic, I did feel like a great weight had been lifted.

So I am now doing well and visits to the bathroom are considerably less. Sometimes, I have lasted five or six hours during the day time and occasionally get up once in the night compared to three to seven times pre-turp.happy man after prostate biopsy results

Although my story has been a happy one, I nevertheless feel a responsibility to help out those for whom the outcome has not been so favorable. Therefore I am committed to keep this site going and take part in prostate cancer support groups.


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