A prostate biopsyA prostate biopsy and transrectal ultrasound was offered a couple of months ago. This was no small matter.  I was told I would be under anesthetic and it would be a comprehensive 24 point biopsy.  The thinking  was that because I had had so many previous biopsies, they wanted to make as sure as they could that there was no lurking cancer.

Just before I was due to go into theatre, the surgeon (who I knew) and three others from the surgical team came and sat with me.  They told me that they had extra time available and if I wanted to, they would go ahead and do a TURP as well.  This was a bit of a shock because although I was keen to get a TURP done at some stage to fix the symptoms of BPH (enlarged prostate), I was just not ready for it.  The surgeon explained that if cancer was discovered from the biopsy, it would mean that radiotherapy would be the treatment. If I had a TURP done, I could no longer have a prostatectomy, ie a complete removal of the prostate.

I figured I was best to wait until the results of the biopsy and the surgeon was ok with scheduling in a time to have a TURP done at a later stage.  As it happened, I also had a really bad cold and I think I would have really been struggling with the affects of an operation.

Ten days later I was called in to see the surgeon.  Mostly I felt calm about it all and took a “what will be will be” approach.  When he entered the room the first thing he said was,”Well, there is no cancer”.  This was obviously a great relief.   I’ve previously had five biopsies and there was nothing to show for any of them!  Ok, so this has taken a lot of time and the prostate has been needled numerous times.  Fortunately, I seemed to come through all of the biopsies without any harm.  Nevertheless, it is an ongoing debate whether such intervention is justified or not.

Now that the prostate biopsy is over, I have a TURP coming up soon.  I will let you know more then.


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