Prostate check It started off like any other day.  But today is the day you have to take the physical you have been putting off forever.

Still, better now than never. The sun is shining and it will be great to get away from work and into the fresh air.

You make your way to the medical center. When you get there you are thrilled to find there’s only two other patients before it’s your turn.  As you do, you take a magazine from the rack and take the quietest seat.  Just as you finish reading about  the latest changes in computing, your name is called by reception.

As you walk down the corridor, you pull in your stomach to make a better impression on the nurse who takes you to X-Ray.  Then it is off to get some blood taken. This goes well apart from the initial hit and miss.

The rest of the tests are straightforward, and before you know it, you are back to where you started.  Just as you grab your magazine the doctor appears and asks you to come through. Fortunately, you know him well.  He scans through some information on his computer and asks how you are.

Next it’s a deep breath and deep breath out while a stethoscope is moved from place to place. All this deep breathing is making you feel a bit dizzy.   Now he checks your ears and mouth.  Ahhh.  Everything looks fine says the doctor.  Finally he turns and pulls out a surgical glove from a pack on the wall.  Whooah you say, do we really need to do that? The doctor just grins and asks you to lie on your side on the bed with your trousers down.

polarbear ready for prostate examinationIt seems very quiet all of a sudden.  The examination seems to be taking quite a while. You can feel pressure in my back passage and he seems to be checking and rechecking.  You pull up your clothes, sit down in the chair while the doctor pulls off his glove. He doesn’t speak for a while, but does type quite a few notes into his PC.  Frank he says, your prostate exam shows your prostate is enlarged and there might be a problem here.  We will need to run some more tests.

You feel a pit in my stomach as you listen to him run through the procedure. At last you manage to speak.  Hold on, I’m only 42 surely there must be some mistake!  The doctor stops writing and turns fully towards you.  Frank, he says,  this could be something or could be nothing but we can’t be sure until we have some more information. We’ll get the extra tests done and I’ll see you again in ten days time. Oh, and bring your wife in with you if that is possible.


Frank was fortunate he got a prostate exam when he did. An early diagnosis showed that although he had an enlarged prostate, there was no immediate cause for concern. Nevertheless he will be having regular PSA tests from now on.  It is sad to think that many men have untreated prostate issues or even prostate cancer though not getting a checkup.   

 When did you last have a prostate exam?

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