Who else wants a new test for prostate cancer?


new test for prostate cancer using urine testA new test for prostate cancer is now available in some areas. It is believed to be more accurate than the PSA test because it is specific for prostate cancer. By comparison, the psa test can give results affected by other factors, such as enlarged prostate (BPH) or prostatitis.

The new test for prostate cancer tests urine for PCA3, which is a marker for prostate cancer from RNA. The test also routinely checks for a second marker that is very specific for prostate cancer. Although the PSA test is still seen as useful, research on this new test has shown that the two-marker urine test is more effective than the PSA test alone.

PSA testing has been around for about thirty years and has been widely used. There has been considerable controversy over the benefits of psa screening programs. The ideal is that screening leads to the early detection of prostate cancer and early treatment is initiated.

The problem is though, that psa testing all men over say, fifty years of age, results in many false positive and false negative results.   For the former, prostate cancer may not be diagnosed; for the latter, men often end up having to go through one or more biopsies that can lead to a number of side effects apart from the anxiety, time and money.

Hopefully this PCA3 new test for prostate cancer will result in identifying more prostate cancers while reducing unnecessary repeat prostate biopsies.

For additional research results on this new prostate test and other background information please review the full details here.

The rights for the PCA3 are held by Gen-Probe and is now available in a range of countries For more information regarding testing visit www.mlabs.umich.edu or check with your own physician.



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