• Regular exercise is essential.  Walking is probably the best.
  • Don’t over eat!  Too many calories are not good for cancer growth. Eat what you need and keep to a few small meals instead of  large ones.
  • Get out into the sun when you can.  If you have dark skin you will need more sunshine than others.
  • Moderation is the key. Keep a balanced approach to these and any other suggestions.
  • Maintain a healthy heart. Heart disease is still a top cause of premature death and a healthy heart will help towards a healthy prostate.
  • Use lots of different kinds of foods in your diet. Use the whole range of colors and eat plenty of raw foods and vegetables.
  • Supplements are NOT meal replacements.  Their purpose is to support a balanced diet. Eating foods which are high in key nutrients is far superior to a high intake of supplements.
  • Be proactive in regards to your health. See your doctor regularly and prepare for the appointment with the questions you need to ask.
  • Do your own research and follow nutritional guidelines for prostate health such as those on this site. End up with a healthy prostate lifestyle.



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