Man eating junk food -Eat food food for Prostate HealthProstates prefer good eating habits which are important for early prevention of prostatic disease. For those who enjoy drinking alcohol and eating meat, it is essential to change to a wide range of vegetables and fruits. Tomatoes, garlic, and beans, which are all rich in nutrients that promote prostate health, are highly recommended for prostate health foods.


Tomatoes for Prostate HealthSince tomatoes abundant in the anti oxidant lycopene, they block the formation of prostatic cancer cells and ultimately enhance the prostate’s functions. A research team from Queensland University in Australia published research that lycopene improves bed-wetting symptoms caused by enlarged prostates and overall prostate function.

While fully ripened tomatoes contain more lycopene than unripe tomatoes, the processing of tomatoes increases the concentration of bio-available lycopene. For this reason, tomato paste is more beneficial than raw tomatoes. Cooking and crushing tomatoes and serving them in oil-rich dishes (such as spaghetti sauce or pizza) greatly increases absorption from the digestive tract into the bloodstream.


Garlic for Prostate HealthAs garlic contains various nutrients including thiamine, allicin, and selenium, it is considered a power-food for the prostate. Such nutrients control active enzymes within the prostate that prevent enlargement of the prostate. Allicin contains an anti-cancer and antibiotic effect and is also helpful for easing the enlargement. One interesting point is that whole raw garlic holds a limited amount of the component, but its anti-cancer capabilities are amplified when mashed or crushed.

Black Beans

Black beans are another food recommended for maintaining a healthy prostate. Estrogen contained in the beans is effective in suppressing prostatic cancer cells. Anthocyanin, extracted from black beans, is effective in treating enlarged prostates.

Such antioxidants are believed to reduce the prostate’s weight and inhibit the development of enlarged prostates by killing prostatic cells. Therefore, regular consumption of various beans prevents enlarged prostates and ultimately promotes long-term prostate health.


It can be challenging to change your diet but once done for three weeks the new diet will become a habit.  As noted above, prostates prefer good eating habits and as well as considering your own health, there is also the impact on your friend and family.  Talk about it…and act! Start on prostate health foods now.

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