Pilates for Prostates

Pilates for prostate problems is a new innovation to help men with prostate problems. If you have had prostate problems such as prostate cancer or enlarged prostate it is important to get exercise into your lifestyle. 

The reality is that as we age, there is a degenerative loss of skeletal muscle mass (arcopenia). This can be made worse by periods in hospital following prostate surgery. Both muscular strength and endurance are important, which will also help to boost energy levels.

Recommended exercises include manual physiotherapy exercises, circuit resistance training, pilates for prostates exercises, fatigue management, strengthening of core abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles.   Ideally get an exercise prescription just for you from a physiotherapist who has a specialty in prostate problems.

Steel Pilates is a Cancer Foundation funded program for those with cancer, and prostate cancer in particular and as far as we know is only in Australia and New Zealand.  It is called the Pinc and Steel program – Pinc typically for breast cancer in women, and Steel for prostate cancer in men.

In the STEEL Pilates program your physiotherapist will work with you individually to select your own goals and suggest relevant services.

Treatments might include:

•       manual physiotherapy to prevent the formation of scar tissue
•       re-strengthening exercises to build back muscle strength and power
•       clinical pilates exercises to stretch, improve your flexibility and core strength
•       exercise  prescription  to  facilitate overall conditioning and increase  physical stamina for faster recovery

The STEEL Pilates program has 3 phases with each phase dependent upon your  physical  condition,  the healing process, the  type  of  surgery involved, and the other treatments involved.

For details of the phases and other important information see here.

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